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The Loose Leaf Tea or Bagged Tea Question

What is the Difference and why Does It Matter?

Tea is a magical drink that provides a cauldron full of aromas and tastes and is perfect for those cold Autumn and Winter nights - Holding the warm mug in your hands and feeling the heat spread through your body, and savoring that first sip as the scented liquid hits your lips and warms your stomach is sheer bliss. Originating from the southwest of China, tea was originally used for medicinal purposes but is now enjoyed as a day to day drink in many countries across the world - It can be made using tea bags, or loose leaves.

For the tea lover, there is no finer brew than a mug that is made from loose leaves - It might not seem like an important factor, but if you truly want to appreciate and enjoy a fine tea, this is the only way to drink it. Many people will tell you that there is absolutely no difference between loose leaf and a tea bag, but they are kidding themselves! Open your eyes to the joys of the leaf and discover the tantalizing tastes of a cup of tea brewed without a bag!

The Joys of Loose Leaf Tea

So what makes loose leaf tea preferable? Is there any difference? What is it about the loose leaves that matter and why would you disregard the convenience of a conventional tea bag? The main reasons are quality, taste, and aroma.

Tea bags are mainly created using the fanning's and broken shavings of tea leaves - This process means that much of the aroma and taste is lost and you are left with a poorer quality blend. When the leaves are broken, they lose a great deal or their aroma and oil - This is what gives the tea its flavor. Furthermore, a bag restrains the tea granules and constrains the diffusion into the hot liquid into a central point around the bag - This means that you get a drink that is not fully infused.

Loose leaves are natural and as intended. You can gain the benefit of the whole leaf and its contents being dropped into the water which gives a fuller and aromatic drink. There is no compromise of quality and you can appreciate the true flavor and scent of the tea. Additionally, as the leaves are not constrained by any means and simply float in the hot water, there is much more room for expansion - The leaves must expand to release their flavor. This expansion and free-flowing process create a natural, full-bodied blend that diffuses properly throughout the entirety of the drink.

Do not constrain yourself to the limitations of the bag! No matter how convenient it may seem, a tea brewed from loose leaves will always provide you with a simply divine drink full of flavor, pleasant aromas, and a fully diffused body. Drink tea as it was intended!