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Yoga with a Spot of Tea

Where yoga and tea intersect, amazing things happen!

Tea is a timeless treasure that instills relaxation and peace from the moment it is first brewed to the last drop. Yoga is another timeless treasure that pairs quite well with a cup of tea. It's not unusual to find a yoga enthusiast with a penchant for teas.

Total Mind and Body Relaxation

Practicing yoga has several health and mental benefits and always leaves you feeling relaxed, light and fresh after you leave the studio. During class yoga practitioners have a chance to leave their mental chatter behind for a bit and focus on their bodies which lifts the weight of worries and cares. Although stretching into some yoga positions seems like a challenge movements actually help to reduce the way the body holds tension which relaxes tight muscles. Even the emphasis on breathing and meditation makes yoga's relaxing benefits obvious. So how can your yoga lover keep that carefree feeling going off the mat? With a cup of tea, of course! As a complement to yoga practice drinking a cup of tea afterwards can increase yoga's healing benefits while continuing to sooth any remaining tension. A simple cup of tea is a great way to bridge the gap between the stresses of everyday life and the time spent in yoga practice. A cup before practicing can help ease someone into the right mindset for yoga while one afterwards serves as a bridge back to work, home life or driving through traffic.

Complementary Health Benefits

One of the reasons tea has been such a cornerstone of relaxation is that some blends pack a punch when it comes to enhancing health. Green tea has a long list of health benefits to boast while loose leaf blends have been tailored to bring out the best in each herb. Although yoga does a lot on its own to improve a person's health adding tea to the routine confers some much-appreciated help. Regular yoga practice can help lower blood pressure, circumvent depression and anxiety and improve flexibility. Tea steps up to the plate by helping reduce any inflammation or swelling, improving digestion and restoring much needed water. In the case of green tea the high antioxidant content helps catch free radicals that can do a body harm. Since yoga gets the blood flowing sipping a cup before practice helps spread the goodness throughout the body and enhances the meditative experience. After an intense session a cup of energizing tea provides a suitable and gentle uplift to get going again.

Loose Leaves Make Better Cups

Tea comes in two main varieties: bagged and loose leaf blends. Many different recipes and flavors line the shelves at supermarkets creating a colorful yet confusing appeal to the senses. Specialty tea shops have a wide selection of blends and herbs available and can be equally as daunting with the addition of strange blend names and unfamiliar herbs. Tea bags are convenient for the on-the-go yogi who can pop a bag in a travel mug and enjoy on the way to class. Preparing tea with a bag lacks several advantages that brewing with loose leaf offers that combine nicely with yoga. The physical act of preparing tea can serve as a pre-yoga ritual that cultivates the right mindset for successful practice. Boiling the water, smelling the tea blend as it's scooped into a tea ball or reusable bag, choosing the right mug for the moment, pouring the water and smelling the tea as it brews all shift the mind and engage all the senses, just like a good yoga session. Loose leaf teas also make for better blends and multiple cups. Tea bags may be quick and easy but they contain smaller pieces of tea leaf and herbs which lack the full flavor one can get from a loose blend. Bags can also constrict the tea while it's steeping trapping that wholesome flavor inside. Loose blends are free to distribute their flavor throughout the cup or pot brewing which confers more of their health benefits to the drinker. For the yogi who loves more than one cup loose leaf blends can be brewed from the same scoop of tea which cuts down on waste.

Discover New Flavors and Pairings

Loose leaf tea allows drinkers to find and experience new flavors and explore how well they can work with their yoga routine. After the initial discovery of a several new flavors the brave yogi can now combine their loose leaf teas to make a blend that is just right for them. Tea bags do not allow this as everything has already been mixed together, packaged and wrapped tightly in a bag. Loose leafed teas make a great gift idea because they meet you halfway to choosing the perfect gift. You provide the tea; they fulfill the rest by customizing their next cup of tea to their preferences. When it comes to tea and coffee even the most adventurous person can hesitate to try new things. Not knowing what is in a blend or if a certain tea will have adverse effects after or before yoga is an important consideration as well. Brewing the perfect cup of tea is an art form and the best way to celebrate that art is to give the gift of freedom to create and the tea to do it with. Your yogi will definitely thank you later with a cup of their latest custom brew.

A Simple Loose Leaf tea gift subscription is a great gift for the yoga lover in your life as you can see that it goes right along with their favorite movement practice. Each month they will get a box with four different blends of a black, green, herbal and other tea and reusable muslin bags with which to brew. If they discover a new flavor or blend that fits in with their practice just right they can always order more of that blend and with discounted rates. Avoid the stress of choosing a bad gift that your yogi may not like and go with something simple and relaxing: tea.