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Rusty Roots is an herbal and rooibos blend that brings a wide range of classic medicinal herbs into one cup of tea. The organic green rooibos, organic whole cloves, organic lemon mrytle, organic whole pepper, and organic turmeric will give you a truly unique experience when brewing. Rusty Roots is similar in flavor to a traditional Chai tea but with a low caffeine content.

Ingredients: Organic Green Rooibos, Organic Whole Clove, Organic Lemon Mrytle, Organic Whole Pepper, and Organic Turmeric

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Customer Reviews

It’s good to be different

What an interesting blend. At first the strong yellow color and stain potential of the turmeric put me off, but this tea actually became one I really looked forward to brewing. It’s a comforting sort of brew that has a unique flavor that is not dominated by any one of the spices or herbs and is tied together nicely by the rooibos tea. Hard to compare to another tea since I can’t think of another like it!

Emily M. - 12/05/2017

Not what I expected

And I mean that in a good way! When I read the ingredients for this tea I was thinking it was going to be an odd mixture of tastes, maybe even broth like, but to my pleasant surprise it was delicious! Definitely not sweet but a very satisfying drink.

Katlin R. - 10/14/2017

Love the name

The name caught my attention, so I had to try this one first. It's a good all around tea. Definitely glad I got the opportunity to try it.

Randi D. - 10/22/2017


Reminiscent of a chai tea, but with a bit different flavor. Not as strong of a spice flavor as some chai, which I liked. Low caffeine is also a plus.

Lydia F. - 10/30/2017

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