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Coconut Chai has the earthiness of rooibos and the sweetness of coconut. A cup of Coconut Chai has the chai flavoring without the caffeine of chai.

Ingredients: Rooibos, Ginger root, Cinnamon, Shredded coconut, Ginger, and Coconut and vanilla flavor

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Omggggg sooooooo GOOD!!

I've been subscribing for a LONG time now with y'all,and I do love most black teas and green teas(omg tht one with matcha is AWFUL btw lol FOR ME ANYWAY! Lolsry) anywayyyyyyssss. This COCONUT CHAI IS THe ABSOLUTE BEST! MY FAVORITE BY FAR out of ANY box and I want NOTHING BUT THIS!!!PLEASEEEEE send me more more more! As soon as I get some $ I am ordering several ounces of this!!! Seriously tho. If u like spicy/sweet/and coconut and drink vanilla chai or other chai teas....THN u have got to TRY THIS!!I add a little sugar and touch of milk and it's creamy goodness times a thousand. I drink bigelow brand vanilla chai tea bags and I LOVE them like these. But I do believe these got even those beat haha. BC i DONT DO VANILLA CHAI POWDER BLEHHHH. GIVE ME THE REAL DEAL ANYDAY! Well enjoy. Sry for long review but I really had to get the point across how yummy this tea is hehehe

Lisa V. - 11/05/2016

Perfect for fall

I loved this tea! Such a good combo of flavors and it's the perfect tea for a chilly fall day. Ones of my new favorites :)

Gabriela P. - 11/05/2016


I got this tea in my subscription box and fell IN LOVE! The coconut is not too overpowering, it is just subtle enough for you to taste it!

Elise P. - 11/04/2016


This tea is wonderful. I love it with a little soy milk and sugar. It's a lighter chai with less spice but still rich in flavor.

Leslie R. - 10/23/2016


love this tea!!! I wish my subscription box was full of this tea solely

Rikki H. - 10/10/2016

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