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The sweet, grass flavors of the Sencha and the smoky flavor of the Houjicha combine with the light scents of jasmine and citrus makes this an amazing green tea. It can be enjoyed hot but it will also make a great iced tea for those warm summer nights.

Ingredients: Jasmine green, Houjicha, Sencha, and light citrus flavor

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This tea has a good amount of flavor to it, however, I am not a fan of Jasmine tea.

Sarah A. - 10/26/2017


I'm drinking this right now, even. It's very refreshing and light, perfect for that after-lunch work grind when you need a bit of a pick me up but really don't want a strong taste. It's a floral tasting green tea, but you can smell and taste the hints of citrus. I would definitely recommend this to a tea lover.

Kristine F. - 09/06/2017


The Jasmine green tea in this tea is so soothing! I love this

Angelynn C. - 07/08/2017


I was a bit surprised by the strong citrus aroma when I opened my pouch, but after steeping, that aroma mellows out into a pretty floral tone. The citrus is definitely present in the taste, but blends very nicely with the jasmine and green tea. It's well-balanced and very enjoyable, just as it is.

Melinda W. - 07/06/2017

Green Harmony

The smell of this tea is divine! The flavor is right there, too. The floral comes out a bit stronger than the citrus at first sip, but you can still tell that the citrus is present to balance it all out. I am a fan of green tea, but I also like how the green flavor is super subtle in this tea.

Lydia F. - 07/04/2017

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